Can't update firefox, and default cursor theme on it

(Visnu Blu) #1
Hardware information
                       Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz, 1094 MHz
                       Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz, 1094 MHz
                       Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz, 1094 MHz
                       Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3450 @ 1.10GHz, 1094 MHz
  /dev/input/event6    AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
  /dev/input/mice      ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad
graphics card:
                       Intel VGA compatible controller
                       Intel Audio device
                       Intel SATA controller
  enp2s0f1             Realtek RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller
  wlp3s0               Atheros WLAN controller
network interface:
  lo                   Loopback network interface
  wlp3s0               Ethernet network interface
  enp2s0f1             Ethernet network interface
  /dev/mmcblk0rpmb     Disk
  /dev/mmcblk0boot0    Disk
  /dev/mmcblk0boot1    Disk
  /dev/mmcblk0         Disk
  /dev/mmcblk0p1       Partition
  /dev/mmcblk0p2       Partition
  /dev/mmcblk0p3       Partition
usb controller:
                       Intel USB Controller
                       Intel Host bridge
                       Intel PCI bridge
                       Intel ISA bridge
                       Intel PCI bridge
                       Intel PCI bridge
                       Linux 4.13.11-1-CHAKRA xhci-hcd xHCI Host Controller
                       Linux 4.13.11-1-CHAKRA xhci-hcd xHCI Host Controller
                       Main Memory
                       Lite-On Bluetooth Device
                       DMA controller
                       Keyboard controller
                       Intel Communication controller
                       Intel SMBus
                       Intel Signal processing controller
                       Intel Signal processing controller
                       Intel SD Host controller
                       Realtek Unclassified device
  /dev/input/event4    Chicony Electronics VGA WebCam

firefox version is still at 57 and for some reason i can’t update it or find another version, and the cursor theme changes on the browser window to the very ugly default theme whatever i do in the settings under theme and also GTK. Any idea ?

(tom) #2

maybe a problem with the mirror, try this:

#sudo pacman -U

(Visnu Blu) #3

Thank you but now firefox doesn’t load anymore lol, but firefox isn’t the only thing that doesn’t update even after reinstalling Chakra all the softwares in Octopi looks outdated even after doing ‘pacman -Syu’ for exemple Qupzilla doesn’t update to Falkon, am i missing something?

(Hans Tovetjärn) #4

Partial upgrades aren’t supported. Please see the FAQ entry. To troubleshoot this issue, please edit your initial post to provide the information you omitted.

(tom) #5

you should try a different server and then ‘pacman -Syyu’ :wink:

(Visnu Blu) #6

and how do I try a different server, please?

(Visnu Blu) #7

I checked the FAQ and it say to do exactly what I did, just to run pacman -Syu, and my problem is that it doesn’t update far enough, it does update the fresh chakra install a little but for exemple Firefox 57 instead of 61 is too much outdated. it may be because I used arch linux distros too much.

(Hans Tovetjärn) #8

What FAQ entry did you read? Your initial post still lacks the information requested. This is most likely an issue with a mirror that hasn’t synchronized. Please provide the missing information that is described in your initial post (you left the template text in it).

As for how to change mirrors, search for “mirrors” or see this #tutorial post:

(Visnu Blu) #9

Alright, thank you. I will also remove the template from my initial post, i couldn’t drop a . conf file because I am new here and I am not allowed yet to do that.

(Hans Tovetjärn) #10

Duly noted. This restriction is unnecessary and has been changed to allow for up to three (3) files to be uploaded (pacman.conf, pacman.log, and mirrorlist.conf). Since /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist has no suffix as of now I’ve suggested for it to be added - pending approval, which allows for that file to be uploaded as well. In the meantime, one can add the suffix .conf or copy and paste its contents into a post.

/var/log/pacman.log should however show which mirror you are having issues with, as should the output of pacman -Syu.

(Hans Tovetjärn) #11

Original poster has given up on this issue and moved on to a different distribution.