Cannot install a later version than 57 of Firefox

Dear Chakra Linux support,

I just installed Chakra Linux on my laptop and I would like to install
Firefox. The latest version of Firefox that I could find in the
repository is version 57, which seems rather old. Am I doing something
wrong, is there a more recent version in the repository, or should I use
a different repository?

Kind regards,

Please check the information in the blue box, on top of this site.

Hi Philip,

the last release, chakra-2017.10-goedel-x86_64.iso, includes an unsynchronized mirror in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist, as noted in the topic referred to by @kepszlok. You can either follow the instructions in said topic, or try using one of the testing releases in to install your system. Please keep in mind that the testing releases may or may not work, and that as of 2019-05-25 there is no plan for the next release, nor any estimated release date, as noted on the Milestone page.

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