Cannot import mspub files anymore in libreoffice draw

When I try to import mspub (MS publisher) files I get only garbage.
It has been worked last time I used it (one year ago, I think).

I checked and the lib to import this format (libmspub) was included in libroffice tree. Now I think they moved outside.
Arch today has a package that compiles from source:

I tried that package and the library is generated, but there are still problems with importing. I’m not able to solve unfortunately.

EDIT: I found that .pub files are imported in L.O. writer. It is wrong, draw should open it.
EDIT2: I just checked and under windows it works.

Hello @dinolib,
we build LibreOffice with libmspub-0.1.2, which is the latest version provided in the external sources directory (and, it seems, on the project page). That is the same version as in Arch’s package, so installing that should make no difference.

Thank you Franz for information.
My questions are: why Arch has libmspub package in official repos, and why I can’t fine file until I install the package?

Anyway I’m not still able to make it work, so it is resonable that libmspub package is not the solution…

I’m not able to access to sources ( is down I think).

Looking at Arch sources, I see that they added libmspub package for make depends.
Are you sure we are still including the lib? I’m sorry I can’t check by myself.

Yes, I’m sure. I am reading the PKGBUILD right now.
we have




while Arch has


Probably they prefer to hate the latest version of as many libs as possible, to make them available system-wide.

So the libmspub library is statically linked to LO binary, or should I found file somewhere in my system?

I’d say the first thing you wrote.

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