Build Mesa 19.0.6 on my pc

I’m a gamer (sort of) so I tried to build fresh mesa myself. I’m close to finish it, but i’m stuck.

So basically a lot of things need to be updated before Mesa can be compiled. With help from @brikler, this is what i did:

-update, compile and install Meson to 0.50.1 (0.50.0 got a bug what causes build errors later, so it’s must be updated before anything else)
-update, compile and install libdrm packages to 2.4.98
-update, compile and install cmake to 3.14.5
-compile and install dune 1.9.1 package (it comes from arch)
-update, compile and install the whole ocaml group. That include these: ocaml-result, ocaml-build, ocaml-ctypes, ocaml-integers, ocaml-findlibs, ocaml-topkg, ocaml
-update, compile and install llvm (that’s a really fat thing. It took about half an our to finish building it even on a 12threaded Ryzen)

After this point, Mesa 19.0.6 can be built, but it will fail during compiling. I think clang also need to be updated, but compiling that failed too. These fails give no meaningful error messages to me, so i’m stuck.
Also, installing the freshly built llvm 8.0 packages did broke the graphical pipeline, so some apps will not work. I had to reinstall the original llvm 6.0 from the repo to get fully working graphics.

So for now, i’m out of options. I uploaded all the new pkgbuilds here: dl link, may somebody can figure it out how to build Mesa. - and it can also help our devs with the packageing.

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this is the problem:

please post the build log because others haven’t a context like me

a.txt (868.9 KB) That’s the cmake’s error. At the moment, i don’t have the output for mesa. I had to reinstall the llvm8.0 and ocaml stuff for that, but that’s not an option right now.

you switched to cmake? a good idea when meson/ninja doesn’t work as expected :wink:

i belief the problem is python related because ninja want call a function but this function is not covered with the dependencies.

Would you like to help me with that? Maybe in a form of an editet pkgbuild? :slight_smile:

this is more then i could do because a lack of knowledge :frowning:

 cmake     \
   -DOUTPUT_NAME=meson \
    <options> \
    <options> \

i don’t know how to set options

We are planning to update perl and llvm group, but it delayed because of lacking of manpower.

I know about the plans for the perl group, but the llvm group are not mentioned in the epics. Does it include mesa too, right?

I’m really wish to have fresh mesa, because that is required for games that uses proton on Steam, like the new Tomb Raider. With Mesa 18.2, i only get black screen of death, while it works fine in this pc under Pop! OS with Mesa 19.
So i tried to solve this situation, instead of switching to Manjaro KDE. May the uploaded pkgbuilds helps you guys.

Mesa group should be included, but they are big group, so I don’t think it will be soon to update all of them.

i tough the build can be automatized?

Yes, it can be automatized, but currently our buildserver is offline, and even if it is online, we still need to fix problmetic PKGBUILD and figure which packages depend on which packages.

2013 was the last time update from perl…

[tom@frija ~]$ LC_AL=c pacman -Si perl
Repositorium             : core
Name                     : perl
Version                  : 5.18.0-1
Beschreibung             : A highly capable, feature-rich programming language
Architektur              : x86_64
URL                      :
Lizenzen                 : GPL  PerlArtistic
Gruppen                  : base
Stellt bereit            : perl-archive-extract=0.68  perl-archive-tar=1.90
                           perl-attribute-handlers=0.94  perl-autodie=2.13
                           perl-autoloader=5.73  perl-autouse=1.07  perl-b-debug=1.18
                           perl-b-deparse=1.20  perl-b-lint=1.17  perl-base=2.18
                           perl-bignum=0.33  perl-carp=1.29  perl-cgi=3.63
                           perl-compress-raw-bzip2=2.060  perl-compress-raw-zlib=2.060
                           perl-config-perl-v=0.17  perl-constant=1.27  perl-cpan=2.00
                           perl-cpan-meta=2.120921  perl-cpan-meta-requirements=2.122
                           perl-cpan-meta-yaml=0.008  perl-cpanplus=0.9135
                           perl-cpanplus-dist-build=0.70  perl-data-dumper=2.145
                           perl-db-file=1.827  perl-devel-ppport=3.20
                           perl-devel-selfstubber=1.05  perl-digest=1.17
                           perl-digest-md5=2.52  perl-digest-sha=5.84
                           perl-dumpvalue=1.17  perl-encode=2.49
                           perl-encoding-warnings=0.11  perl-env=1.04
                           perl-exporter=5.68  perl-extutils-cbuilder=0.280210
                           perl-extutils-command=1.17  perl-extutils-constant=0.23
                           perl-extutils-install=1.59  perl-extutils-makemaker=6.66
                           perl-extutils-manifest=1.63  perl-extutils-parsexs=3.18
                           perl-file-checktree=4.42  perl-file-fetch=0.38
                           perl-file-path=2.09  perl-file-temp=0.23
                           perl-filter-simple=0.89  perl-filter-util-call=1.45
                           perl-getopt-long=2.39  perl-http-tiny=0.025
                           perl-i18n-collate=1.02  perl-i18n-langtags=0.39
                           perl-if=0.0602  perl-io=1.28  perl-io-compress=2.060
                           perl-io-zlib=1.10  perl-ipc-cmd=0.80  perl-ipc-sysv=2.03
                           perl-json-pp=2.27202  perl-lib=0.63  perl-libnet=1.22
                           perl-locale-codes=3.25  perl-locale-maketext=1.23
                           perl-locale-maketext-simple=0.21  perl-log-message=0.06
                           perl-log-message-simple=0.10  perl-math-bigint=1.9991
                           perl-math-bigint-fastcalc=0.30  perl-math-bigrat=0.2604
                           perl-math-complex=1.59  perl-memoize=1.03
                           perl-mime-base64=3.13  perl-module-build=0.4003
                           perl-module-corelist=2.90  perl-module-load=0.24
                           perl-module-load-conditional=0.54  perl-module-loaded=0.08
                           perl-module-metadata=1.000011  perl-module-pluggable=4.7
                           perl-net-ping=2.41  perl-next=0.65
                           perl-object-accessor=0.46  perl-package-constants=0.02
                           perl-params-check=0.36  perl-parent=0.225
                           perl-parse-cpan-meta=1.4404  perl-pathtools=3.40
                           perl-perl-ostype=1.003  perl-perlfaq=5.0150042
                           perl-perlio-via-quotedprint=0.07  perl-pod-checker=1.60
                           perl-pod-escapes=1.04  perl-pod-latex=0.61
                           perl-pod-parser=1.60  perl-pod-perldoc=3.19
                           perl-pod-simple=3.28  perl-pod-usage=1.61
                           perl-podlators=2.5.1  perl-safe=2.35
                           perl-scalar-list-utils=1.27  perl-search-dict=1.07
                           perl-selfloader=1.21  perl-socket=2.009  perl-storable=2.41
                           perl-sys-syslog=0.32  perl-term-ansicolor=4.02
                           perl-term-cap=1.13  perl-term-complete=1.402
                           perl-term-readline=1.12  perl-term-ui=0.34  perl-test=1.26
                           perl-test-harness=3.26  perl-test-simple=0.98
                           perl-text-abbrev=1.02  perl-text-balanced=2.02
                           perl-text-parsewords=3.28  perl-text-soundex=3.04
                           perl-text-tabs-wrap=2012.0818  perl-thread-queue=3.02
                           perl-thread-semaphore=2.12  perl-threads=1.86
                           perl-threads-shared=1.43  perl-tie-file=0.99
                           perl-tie-refhash=1.39  perl-time-hires=1.9725
                           perl-time-local=1.2300  perl-time-piece=1.20
                           perl-unicode-collate=0.97  perl-unicode-normalize=1.16
                           perl-version=0.9902  perl-win32=0.47
                           perl-win32api-file=0.1201  perl-xsloader=0.16
Hängt ab von             : gdbm  db  coreutils  glibc  sh
Optionale Abhängigkeiten : Nichts
In Konflikt mit          : Nichts
Ersetzt                  : Nichts
Größe des Downloads      : 12,70 MiB
Installationsgröße       : 55,43 MiB
Packer                   : Manuel Tortosa <>
Erstellt am              : Mo 27 Mai 2013 22:40:26 CEST
Verifiziert durch        : MD5-Summe  SHA-256-Summe  Signatur

apropos llvm:

and in general:

Why not recruit more packangers? At least for the simple, easy to build packages? At the moment, 5 days passed without a single package update and the key personel are silent.

If the mesa situation not change soon, i will leave Chakra.

Yes, we want to recruit more packagers, but still no more packagers here, maybe you will want to become one?

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Sadly, I do not have a GF at the moment, so i have free time. Sooo sooo much free time… :wink:

I also got some git experience and a fast cpu. So yes, i can join. - btw, i think you should ask brikler too. He’s more experienced with building packages than me.


Anyone willing to help is always welcome, so don’t be shy guys!

I started as a complete newby and, thanks to @AlmAck, @totte, @tetris4 and others, I was able to learn a lot.

Aside from packaging, there are also many other areas to which one can contribute.

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You can join #chakra-devel on IRC or on first :smile:


I will join a couple days later. I’m in the middle of a partially done laser eye correction…

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