Better than Arch, Manjaro

Since Manjaro froze reproducibly on my machine, and ARCH made it an impossible ordeal to install ARCH with their chaotic INSTALL “GUIDE” - so called - I came to Chakra-Linux.

So far, all went well. Copied the /home/dir and retained all settings from Manjaro (firefox, dolphin and all) with just a single copy operation.

wellkomme :slight_smile:

there is no wonder because manjaro is a outdated arch but the arch installation guide is excellent perhaps connecting to wifi could be difficult.

no. the arch install guide USED TO BE FINE, now they deliberately took out all important lines e.g. “ip link set … up” so you have zero chance to have X going in less than 30 min. - how it used to be as in 2015. Very bad development !

It’s always nice to hear of people enjoying Chakra. But please remember that even though it’s OK to share thoughtful opinions on other distributions and make comparisons, you should do this in the spirit described in our welcome message and with respect towards the work of other developers and users.

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He’s a new user who immediately picked up testing and you’re preemptively on about ‘good form’? :roll_eyes:
He’s just giving his opinion and not in a disrespectful way, let it serve as a warning for us not to go the same way!

Ithink arch is trying to make their install difficult thats what it seems to me

Not intentionally making it difficult, just refusing to spoon-feed.
Arch is for people willing to get their hands dirty and wanting to learn, not for lazy people who want to install and use an OS in half an hour without wanting to know how things work.

I have installed it it wasnt easy had a couple of shots at it I am to old now for brainstrain

I’m forever grateful for all the knowledge I gained from running Arch. And there is still plentiful of things to learn from the Arch wiki


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