Annual report to SPI on Chakra activities in 2016

This is to be a draft of the report to SPI on activities in 2016. I’ll write a summary based on and announcements, feel free to reply on what should be included or not.

What exactly do they mean by activities? I could think of:

  • Our first in-person meeting in Switzerland.
  • The Ian ISO release.
    The rest on the news is probably just package updates and wip stuff.

I would like to emphasize the meeting, since it is very much significant and both of symbolical and practical value. There’s probably something inspiring to borrow from the SPI F2F meeting.

Aside from that there’s just the 2016.02 release and the switch from a dedicated server to two virtual servers which has caused me some minor headaches - but to bring out the positives, we no longer suffer from (D)DoS attacks the way we did before.

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This was what was sent, for the record:

As this is now in the past I’ll archive this topic and create a new one next year.

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