Advantages/Disadvantages of the CCR compared to the AUR?

Still fairly new to the whole concept of this distro, but it looks really promising for what I’ve been wanting. However, there’s no AUR access, and that cuts my potential software down to 1/10th of what it could be (rough guestimation based on CCR vs AUR numbers), which brings me to some questions:
What advantages does the CCR have over the AUR?
Why would I want to use this distro instead of Manjaro, which has full AUR access?
Can I use packages from the AUR somehow in this distro?

it is true the popular AUR helper like yaourt isn’t in our repos.
you have 100% access to the AUR but only with the web interface and it is in your duties to fill all dependencies perhaps it could be little difficult when package names and version numbers differ but you can build most packages because chakra and arch are compatible in a wide range but note entire

=> it is in duties to fill all dependencies
==> it’s your duties to deal with incompatibles

Because these guys know how to handle web certs, and don’t advise their users (us) to set our hardware clocks back to 1970 to access their forum.

If you want ‘Arch made easy’ with ‘full AUR access’, check out Antergos. Their website is a mess, but fortunately only cosmetically.

$ ccr -Ss yaourt
ccr/ccrmind 1.2-1
    A shell package manager inspired to Yaourt-Gui
$ ccr -Si ccrmind
Repository     : ccr
Name           : ccrmind
Version        : 1.2-1
URL            :
Licenses       : GPL
Groups         : None
Provides       : None
Depends On     : ccr sudo pacman
Make Depends   :
Optional Deps  : ccr-tools
Conflicts With : None
Replaces       : None
Architecture   : any
Description    : A shell package manager inspired to Yaourt-Gui

Any good that you know of?

I suppose what I really meant to ask is why was it made? Are there any advantages to having a separate AUR that I’m unaware of?

I guess I could see how the owners of the distro managing it would be a good thing, along with the ability to remove them from the CCR into official repos whenever.

Ah, I guess that makes sense. Thanks!

If you haven’t read this yet, it should provide some information on the admittedly small hurdles to overcome:

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