About to build a new rig x370, ryzen 7 1700

I am just about to build a new rig based around a x370 motherboard and ryzen 7 1700 processor.
I was just wondering about compatibility issues that I might encounter running Chakra linux on this rig.

I hear that kernel 4.10 takes better advantage of the ryzen platform, but that kernel is not available in Chakra yet. How soon are we looking at before 4.10 rolls out on Chakra linux?

I see that there is some discussion on Kernel 4.12 here

Will that be the next kernel release on Chakra linux?

Sounds like from discussion in this thread that it’ll be 4.12.4, not sure on the expected time frame though.

It’s very difficult to provide a time frame as some things are unpredictable, but at the moment the current road map is:

  1. Finalize the group of package updates related to xorg, kernel and drivers
  2. Move everything into [testing]
  3. Receive feedback and fix all showstoppers that are found
  4. Move everything into stable
  5. Release a new ISO

We usually offer a beta ISO release in the final stage of step 3 and then go ahead with steps 4 and 5 very closely to each other or even simultaneously. This ensures that the new ISO release ships with the big changes in our repos included, so new installations will not require any complex updates.

If you can install Chakra on this system using the current ISO, you can enable testing to receive this update sooner, but make sure you are aware of the risks involved and that you follow the news section of this forum for updates and related instructions.

Thanks, I was planning to replace my kUbuntu rig with this new rig and install Chakra. I still have another rig running Chakra so I will just install kUbuntu 17.04 on the new one for the time being and wait patiently for the next Chakra ISO to be released.

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