A new home for the Chakra community

This announcement is also available in Spanish and Taiwanese Mandarin.

Welcome to our new community forum everyone!

A switch to a new forum has been in our plans and goals for 2017, so we are super excited to reach this milestone! :tada: Kudos to @totte for all his hard work to prepare and set up everything for us to enjoy. :clap:

Until today, we used several tools and webpages for our infrastructure:

  • FluxBB for our forum
  • Serendipity for our news
  • MediaWiki for our wiki.

All of the above have now been replaced by this Discourse implementation, even though they will still be available until we decide in the future they are obsolete. You will find all the latest announcements in the #news category. We also have a dedicated #tutorials category, where everyone can contribute their own wiki-type entries that can be edited and enriched by all Chakra users. You are welcome to import here any guides you find useful from our old wiki.

This switch not only makes it easier on our part to maintain and monitor everything, but also gives Chakra users a platform to engage in more feature rich discussions regarding our distribution, as well as help and inform each other.

The main forum language is English, but you will notice we also host sections for Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish languages. We would be happy to add further options as our community grows.

We have already setup some user groups where you can contribute depending on your skills. Current options are testers, translators and artists, in addition the the Chakra team members.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and join the discussions! :smiley:

If you come across any issues signing up or using community.chakralinux.org you can reach us at staff@chakralinux.org or by sending a private message to the @staff group on community.chakralinux.org.

Please note that Discourse:

  • Allows for direct messages to other users, these are however readable by the staff.
  • Makes use of trust levels. As you read, reply, and post topics of your own you will gain trust and increase in levels. Please treat this with respect and responsibility, as with it come privileges, such as being able to moderate the forum in certain ways.
  • Supports following threads via RSS and using email to start a thread or respond to a post.
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The RSS links look like this: Chakra, e.g. News - Chakra. There’s also Chakra - Latest topics.

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