A Discord server for Chakra

This is more of a suggestion, but I think it’d be pretty neato to have a Discord server for Chakra to hang out in and get help & whatnot. I think it’d be good alternative to something like IRC, which is really showing it’s age (at least in my opinion).
Any thoughts on the matter?

Thanks for caring enough to suggest this Isaac.

In general, our goal is to try to hold as many discussions in the same place, so it’s easier to keep up.

Several of us are nowadays using Matrix through Riot to connect to the related Chakra channels for more direct communication.

Riot has many features expected from modern communication applications, while at the same time maintains compatibility with IRC channels and acts as a bouncer so you can follow all discussions, no matter if you are online.

What would be the benefit of Discord compared to this?

I think the main benefit of Discord would be the mass of users that use it, as I’ve personally seen communities grow a ton when switching from things like Slack to Discord.
Other than that I guess they’re pretty similar.

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With a certain bridge, I think it is easy for Discord users to hang out with us on Matrix :slight_smile:

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