A CCR entry is outdated - what should I do?


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A CCR entry is outdated - what should I do?

Donde pedir eliminar CCR?
How do I disown a package in the CCR?
Non riesco ad installare spotify da CCR
I flagged multiple CCR entries, which haven't been updated for an entire year, as "out of date", but the maintainer hasn't updated them yet, what should I do?
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Flag the entry as outdated by navigating to its page and clicking the button labelled “Flag Out-of-date”.

If it stays outdated for an extended period of time, the best thing to do is to leave a comment or e-mail the maintainer.

If you left a comment and there is no response from the maintainer after two weeks, you can file an orphan request by sending an e-mail to staff@chakralinux.org, including details of any correspondence between you and the maintainer, as well as timestamps. The package may then be disowned by the staff.

In the meantime, you can try updating the package yourself by editing the PKGBUILD - sometimes updates do not require any changes to the build or package process, in which case simply updating the $pkgver or source array is sufficient.

How do I notify the packagers of a package being outdated and that there is a newer version available?
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